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4headed MONSTERS is a band all about writing, recording and performing great music. With a core founded in rock n' roll the band represents metal, hard rock and rap with a rare blend of heavy guitars, melodic harmonies, intense screams and moving lyrics. Their on stage act is not to be missed and will undoubtedly bring you to your feet. From ferocious rock to breath taking ballads, their songs satisfy all musical tastes. 

Over the last decade, each member has played in several different bands filling various positions including: front man, bass, drums, lead and rhythm guitar. Brothers Burke and Bryce Laidler finally found their way into a band together with Tobias Forbes and Travis Royer. Their many individual experiences provided each of them the opportunity to grow and reinvent their talent. Now that they've settled into their rightful places, they have discovered that there is a creature inside: a fire, a fury and a passion that only their music can tame.

Prepare to unleash the monsters within!


Hey guys, to celebrate the release of our debut album, 4HM is holding a digital scavenger hunt - there are six puzzle pieces scattered across various social media outlets and this website. One piece is below, along with a list of hints to find the other five. Bring all six to the merchandise table at the debut show on 02/21 (details below) and you'll be entered into a drawing for an awesome prize that you do NOT want to miss. Have fun, and happy hunting!

#1 - Hidden in the house that Zuckerberg built

#2 - Check the app with the camera as the icon

#3 - Don't be a Jive turkey! We're Wired for sound!

#4 - All we need in this nation is a little reverb...

#5 - The little blue bird told me so...

#6 - Just look to the right -->